From packaging equipment to machines for the production of caps and closures.

We respond to our customers’ needs in the world of packaging and bottling thanks to the two divisions of our Porcia (PN) plant:

Packaging Division

Specialised in the study, design and construction of packaging, bottling and end-of-line plants.

Closures Division

Designs and manufactures complete lines for the production and processing of aluminium, plastic and tinplate closures.
We are able to do this thanks to a team of about 100 collaborators with technical-specialist skills, able to meet the needs of our customers at all stages in the process of design and construction of a plant.

1. Thanks to our production management methods and dedicated software, we guarantee maximum delivery punctuality and reliability. Some of our production departments are also managed with Lean methodologies in order to reduce delivery times and increase the level of service, efficiency and productivity of resources.


Each machine manufactured for the Packaging or Closures sector is the result of a careful process that starts from an analysis of the needs of the specific market and ends with maintenance and after-sales service.

We involve our customers in every phase of the design and construction of a new line and we provide personnel, expertise and knowledge to create reliable solutions suitable to maintain high performance over time.


From an analysis of customer needs and production flows, we study the best solution to respond to specific closure and packaging production needs.

Project management

The creation of each plant is entrusted to a project manager who follows all stages of the project up to final testing, maintaining constant communication with the technical department and the customer.

Design and the Technical Department

Our technical department represents the flagship of our company: following an analysis of the job order, more than 20 specialised technicians are then responsible for the 3D design of all parts of the solution (mechanical, electrical and software).


Our purchasing department is responsible for selecting the best materials as well as mechanical and electrical components needed to build our packaging and closures machines.


Our production department, which also includes an in-house workshop for the manufacturing of special components, deals with production of the line in its different phases. Timing and activities are planned and monitored with advanced software in order to accurately meet delivery times.

Mounting and Wiring

After a careful check of the components, we move on to the assembly phase with electrical and electronic wiring, carried out with care to ensure the utmost system reliability. As per the drawing, each component is laser marked with a code to ensure maximum tracking and after-sales traceability.

1st Testing in-house at our company

Our electronic and IT engineers carry out the first analysis and functional tests of the plant. They will always carry out the final test at the customer's premises.

installation and testing

Thanks to our logistics network, we are able to manage and organise all aspects related to shipment and transportation of the plant to the customer, in Italy and abroad. After installation of the machine in the production line and its integration with the other existing machines, a final test and inspection is carried out on-site.

2nd Testing at the Customer’s premises

Following integration with existing lines, final tests are carried out on the actual production speed of the line. At this stage, we train personnel on the correct use of the new machines.

Predictive/preventive maintenance

To ensure maximum reliability and long lifetime of the line, we organise regular machine inspections and maintenance.