Liquor and Spirits

Packaging Machines and Packing Plants for Liquor and spirits

We design and manufacture packaging machines for the production of liquor and spirits. The bottles, gift-boxes and packaging in this market are often high-end products with high-quality finishes, with which extreme care must be taken. Our machines are equipped with all the systems to avoid scratches or damage to finishes.

Our machines can handle different bottle and gift-box formats and are equipped with all the devices to take care of every stage of packaging and safeguard finished products.

High-speed telescopic divider for continuous sorting, so as never to block or hold up products. Use of brushless motors for complete control of acceleration to minimise package oscillations. Conveyor belts coated in scratch-resistant plastic resin to preserve the conditions of labels and single-product gift-boxes. Guided product feeding device with brushless motors to prevent vibrations and sudden accelerations. Scratch-proof product centring systems.

We can work with all types of case formats. Our machines can adapt to your needs.

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