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Automatic case feeding device for case erectors mod. FCE301, FCE351 and FCE451 for increased autonomy. It can also be easily installed on existing machines as its operation is completely autonomous.

  • Loading autonomy from 300 to 600 cases (depending on the size of the box and the thickness of the cardboard).
  • Mainly composed of 2 motorized chains mounted on a motorized mobile support.
  • A format-adjustable wall facilitates alignment of the cases during loading, which must be arranged in stacks and laid out as they are on the pallets coming from carton manufacturers.
  • A painted stainless steel frame complete with guard supports the entire device and houses the electrical control panel.
  • Operation is completely electromechanical and therefore there are no pneumatic parts.
  • Equipped with all devices for automatic operation and the necessary guards.
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