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Machine with single column structure with hanging head suitable for depalletizing bottles, jars and cans, having a very small footprint to allow flexible integration even in existing lines.

The picking head can be equipped with inflatable pipes, magnetic heads, pneumatic bells or pliers, depending on the type of container to be handled.

Attainable speed: up to 100 containers/min.

  • Maximum machine accessibility.
  • Solenoid valves and photoelectric sensors for correct approaching of equipment to the pallet.
  • Container lifting by means of an electric system equipped with telescopic guides.
  • Side head transfer by means of a double-speed gear motor.

DEPC depalletizers are supplied with use and maintenance manuals in local languages. We also provide comprehensive customer training, technical assistance and spare parts supply.

Standard sizes of machinable pallets

Note: the table only shows the pallet sizes handled by the standard machine. Any size pallet can be handled. For further information, please contact us directly and we will provide you with a customised solution for every need.

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