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Various models suitable for depalletizing bottles / jars / cans.

Attainable speed: up to 4 layers/min.

  • Robot portal structure equipped with vertical sliding guides for the carriage
  • Possibility of automatic removal of wooden, plastic or metal frames on top of the pallet
  • Handling of palletized containers with partitions
  • Conveyor for feeding full pallets, which can be extended upon request
  • Bottle unloading table


  • Sweep-off with fixed or telescopic load
  • Head with pliers 
  • Head with inflatable pipes


Layer pad remover: Device equipped with vacuum picking for automatically removing the pads between the layers in the pallet.

Top-pad opener: Device for tearing open the corners of inverted trays and storing them in a dedicated area.

Partition remover: Plier device for removing a pallet partition and then releasing it into a dedicated unloading area.

Top Frame remover: Strap remover: A device for cutting straps and removing them from the layers.

Full pallet conveyor: Motorized conveyor with central support belt of idle rollers, designed to hold a waiting pallet and transfer it to the depalletizing station. The conveyor can be extended upon request.

Empty pallet storage unit: Area where empty pallets are conveyed by means of a motorized conveyor arranged perpendicularly or in line with the full pallet in-feed. The storage unit is sized to contain up to 10-15 empty pallets.

Layer pad storage unit: Area where the layer pads removed by the automatic layer pad remover are stored. Can be placed in different positions depending on the logistical needs of the plant.

Automatic Film Cutter: Device for automatic cutting of the protection/packing Film on pallets to be depalletized.

Bottle out-feed with removal without no pressure or in ordered rows for shaped bottles.

Standard sizes of machinable pallets

NORD AMERICA STD.101612202250
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