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Automatic machine consisting of a flat box storage unit for about 200 boxes (depending on the thickness) and which allows printing on both sides of the flat boxes. 

The machine performs a dual function: it allows the FCE301 / FCE351 series case erectors to operate more autonomously and at the same time allows the surface of the boxes to be written on before they are erected and glued by the case erector.

Proximity of the cardboard to the printing heads for very high print quality.

Approximate speed (depending on case size and quality): 35 cases/minute

  • Can print in inkjet or resin jet mode
  • Possibility of adapting the device for the application of self-adhesive labels
  • Possibility of printing on one short and one long side at the same time
  • Device for tipping the box after printing to bring it into a horizontal position for optimum feeding of the case forming units 
  • Plant simplification: the system does not have to be equipped with devices to rotate the cases, as is the case when printing on already formed cases.
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