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Automatic machines for erecting pre-glued cases (RSC) and for gluing bottom flaps with HOT MELT glue. The machine opens the boxes, bends its internal bottom flaps, glues and presses the internal bottom flaps on the external bottom flaps. 

The speed depends on the model and size of the cardboard.

Attainable speed: from 30 to 80 cases per minute.

  • Protective guards that can be opened for complete access to the machine.
  • Vertical storage units for cases to be erected available in different capacity models.
  • Case opening station mechanical kinematic mechanism.
  • Stationary and mobile flap folders for preforming the bottom of the case.
  • Final pressing station equipped with pneumatic cylinder-driven thrusters.
  • Straightening system for outgoing cases.
  • Simple, intuitive format changes using numbering and millimetre scales.
  • The presser axis is driven by an electric motor on new model FCE451.

On the largest model of the family, the FCE801:

  • Continuous handling instead of pitch handling
  • Fully mechanical continuous motion system consisting of a series of synchronized kinematics performing all necessary operations
  • Single drive with chain and cam transmission
  • Mechanical unstacking device controlled by cam-controlled kinematics
  • Fully mechanical case opening station without suction cups or pneumatics
  • Stationary and mobile flap folders for preforming the bottom of the case with rotating cam also with vertical movement to widen larger flaps while folding the smaller flaps
  • Continuous motion final pressing station equipped with cam-driven thrusters

Hot melt unit: Possibility of equipping the machine with hot melt units supplied directly by the customer, as a replacement for the standard glue unit, according to specific needs.

Case storage units, ACF: To reduce the need for human involvement, the machines can be coupled with ACF series case feeding units.

Case storage units, ACL: Automatic in-line case feeding device to increase the loading autonomy of erectors.

Case printing module, ACS: Special case feeder on which various types of printing heads can be installed, allowing printing on all sides of the case with the utmost flexibility.

Robotic systems for automatic ACP case feeding: To increase the level of case feeder automation, we have developed customised electromechanical or robotic case feeding systems for any capacity.

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