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The case packer picks up bottles from the accumulation conveyor and deposits them with an arc movement inside the boxes, using special centring devices to convey the previously formed cases with the bottom glued. Machine distinguished by main mechanical rack-and-pinion movement that is controlled by inverter and encoder.

The number of machine picking heads can be defined based on production needs.

Attainable speed: from 8 to 50 cases per minute.

The case packers can be equipped with different picking systems in order to fit to the product to be packed: pneumatic bells, mechanical pliers, magnetic heads.

Picking heads can be fixed, mobile or self-adjusting. The self-adjusting head can be adjusted either manually or automatically via HMI.

Picking head adjustment: Picking head adjustments can be manual or fully automatic, thanks to the possibility of equipping the machine with a self-adjusting head.

Touch screen: Possibility of equipping the machine with a touch screen panel to manage user-machine interaction.

Control system The machine can be equipped with systems for checking broken or dropped bottles, sensors for counting units and for controlling the product flow and presence.

Optional device for cross packed bottles (Patented system). The machines can be equipped with a special device to pack crossed bottles in a single phase, thus maintaining the production capacity of the line.

Adjustable guides System of guides that can be adjusted, also automatically, to form the channels inside which the product is brought into the picking position.

Device for accompanying guided bottles A device that controls the thrust of the bottles as they enter the machine, accompanying them to the picking position; especially useful in the case of wrapping PET products or in cases where the conditions of the product must be especially safeguarded.

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