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Automatic machines for picking, opening and inserting partitions inside cases.

Bortolin Kemo partition inserters are characterized mainly by their precision and reliability, even at high speeds. However, the range of models covers a wide range of productivity.

All models can be customized to operate either with containers already inserted in cases, or in the opposite case when the partition must be inserted before the product.

Attainable speed: up to 70 cases per minute.

  • Partition picking and opening head by means of vacuum picking.
  • Main drive with kinematics ensuring fast, vibration-free movement.
  • Partition opening control device.
  • Easy-loading and highly autonomous partition storage unit.
  • Equipped with a motorized vibrating conveyor belt for inserting partitions into cases with containers already inside.

Vibrating conveyor belt: The 1 or 2-metre vibrating belt is installed downstream of the machine and facilitates the descent of the partitions into the correct position, without applying any outside force. The speed of the belt and the frequency of the vibrations are adjustable.

Touch screen: Possibility of equipping the machine with a touch screen panel to manage user-machine interaction.

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