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Machine suitable for palletizing PVC cases, shrink-wrap packs and baskets. The palletizing system is a stationary pallet with loading from below by means of a removable plate.

Approximate speed: up to 2 layers/min.

  • Machine with portal structure equipped with vertical sliding guides for the carriage.
  • Carriage vertical movement performed by inverter-driven gear motor.
  • Carriage horizontal movement performed by gear motor with kinematic crank mechanism.
  • Inverter-controlled pusher to vary the pushing speed in relation to the stability and rigidity of the product to be palletized.
  • Mechanically-operated plate extension bar with programmable automatic positioning.
  • Reduced version of the PAC model as in-feed and out-feed pallet management is handled manually.

Case-shrink-wrap pack-crate turning device: Device for rotating products at machine in-feed to orient them according to the palletizing pattern.

Layer pad inserter: Device with vacuum picking for placing plastic or cardboard flaps between layers of the pallet.

Layer pad storage unit: Storage area for a variable quantity of interlayers, depending on configuration.

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