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The monobloc is suitable for packing plastic, glass or metal bottles, jars and pots, canisters, boxes and bags in flexible packaging.

The TOP DOWN version of the monobloc consists of three stations:

  1. Partition insertion: Present if requested by the customer; this station positions the partitions on top of the bottle pack, picking them from the corresponding storage unit.
  2. Box preforming: The flattened boxes, positioned vertically on a storage unit, are picked up to be preformed by the robot and then released on top of the bottle pack before moving on to the next step.
  3. Gluing: Once the box has been placed on the bottle pack, the next step is gluing. Special kinematics seal both the top and bottom flaps.

Approximate speed (based on the type of box): from 15 to 16 c/min.

With first partition: from 7 to 10 c/min. 

  • The monobloc is customised according to customer requirements: with or without partitions.
  • Robot for box opening complete with storage unit
  • The Gluer allows the box to be perfectly squared and glued, thanks to the synchronised prongs that accompany the various closing phases.
  • The TOP-DOWN monobloc is equipped with an electric panel with PLC and touch screen for management of the machine and guards
  • The TOP -DOWN monobloc is very compact and replaces 4 machines: the Case Erector, Case Packer, Partition Inserter and Gluer.

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