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Robotic systems suitable for depalletizing and palletizing various types of rigid elements such as boxes, crates and shrink-wrap packs.

It is possible to handle palletized containers with plastic or cardboard interlayers, inverted trays, thermoformed flaps or plastic or metal frames.

Each solution is carefully evaluated by the BortolinKemo staff to guarantee the utmost reliability and quality of the system adopted.

  • The pallets arrive from the cardboard manufacturer palletized according to specific Bortolinkemo specifications.
  • If there is one, the Robot picks up the top layer and unloads it into a special container.
  • The Robot head detects the position of the cases and proceeds with depalletizing.
  • If the case storage unit is full, the Robot places the cases on buffer stations, so that they can be picked up during the pallet change, thus avoiding waiting times and giving continuity to the line.
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