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Machine with hooked picking head specifically for depalletizing plastic baskets with windows. Suitable for medium and high-capacity VAR (vacuum container) plant production lines. The depalletizing system is a steady-pallet with bottom unloading.

Attainable speed: up to 4 layers/min.

  • Machine with portal structure equipped with vertical sliding guides for the carriage.
  • Carriage vertical movement performed by inverter-controlled gear motor.
  • Carriage horizontal movement performed by gear motor with kinematic crank mechanism.
  • Carriage with hooked picking head.
  • Out-feed conveyor with crate turning device.
  • Conveyor for feeding full pallets, which can be extended upon request
  • Empty pallet storage unit

DEG depalletizers are supplied with use and maintenance manuals in local languages. We also provide comprehensive customer training, technical assistance and spare parts supply.

Standard pallet dimensions

Note: the table only shows the dimensions of the pallet handled by the standard machine. Pallets of any dimension can be handled. For more information about technical feasibility, contact Bortolin Kemo for a tailored solution.

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