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High-speed rotary machines for inserting pre-cut liners or pourers inside aluminium capsules.

The machines can be set-up for inserting EPE, SARANEX or TINFOIL pre-cut liners, as well as for inserting pourers, dosing valves, anti-filling valves, or for assembling child-resistant closures or SPORT CAPS.

They are equipped with heads according to the speed and production to be achieved:

  • ASR081 equipped with 8 heads
  • ASR121 equipped with 12 heads
  • ASR151 equipped with 15 heads
  • ASR161 equipped with 16 heads
  • ASR301 equipped with 30 heads

Attainable speed up to 90,000 pcs/h.

  • High flexibility ensures handling of capsules within a wide range of dimensions and formats.
  • Format changeovers can be carried out quickly and easily.
  • Main rotary turret configuration on independent frame.
  • Machine with detachable spindles for easy tool changeovers.
  • Cap and insert loading and unloading system electrically controlled by synchronised starwheel.
  • Cap loading, assembly and unloading phases controlled by a hardened and ground cam.
  • Equipped with variable speed motor controlled by inverter.
  • Equipped with electronic cap counter and programmable totaliser.
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