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Cap Packing


Automatic packing machine developed for packing small products such as caps and capsules, single-dose bottles, and small cosmetics.

Case space savings of between 20% - 30% compared to bulk case packing.

The fully automatic case packing cycle optimises space inside the case and reduces the time required for the operation.

The pick-and-place picking head is controlled by brushless motors for smooth and vibration-free layer transfer.

These can also be set-up for inserting layer-pads and protective films between the various layers.

The completeness of the layer is ensured by a product presence control via optical fibre.

Approximate speed: up to 5 layers/min.

  • Motorized product entry worktable with low-friction resin chain conveyor. The worktable is sized to contain a complete product layer. 
  • A plastic film can also be interposed between layers. The FILM DISPENSER and the DEDICATED PICK & PLACE FILM HEAD must also be set up for this application.
  • Product control system and transfer with servo-motor.
  • Picking and unloading head with Cartesian axes driven by servo-motors.
  • Chain conveyor for box transport, with synchroniser and centring system.
  • Control via PLC and Touch screen operator interface.
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