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Medium and high-speed rotary machines for aluminium capsule knurling, cutting and rolling.

High flexibility ensures handling of capsules within a wide range of dimensions and formats.

Format changeovers can be carried out quickly and easily for different diameters with complete replacement of the turret and tools installed.

The number of heads equipping the machine is variable according to the speed and production to be achieved:

  • BSV081 equipped with 8 heads
  • BSV101 equipped with 10 heads
  • BSV121 equipped with 12 heads

Attainable speed from 30,000 to 105,000 pcs/h.

  • Horizontal flywheel machine with pick & place system
  • Removable main rotary turret installed on a robust welded steel frame
  • Fixed and helical gear in case-hardened and ground steel
  • Equipped with exclusive head centring system
  • Cap loading and unloading system electrically controlled by synchronised starwheel
  • Cap loading, rolling and unloading phase controlled by a case-hardened and ground cam
  • Variable speed drive controlled by inverter
  • Stainless steel protective casing equipped with CE-compliant safety devices
  • Suitable for fast changeovers, with fully interchangeable turret.
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