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Whole sheet pressing plants for the production of the first shell of aluminium or tin-plate closures (with or without trim).

Extreme sheet feeding precision is ensured thanks to linear motors and optical centring system. Sheet feeding can be straight, staggered or scroll.

The double or single-row die-tools are equipped with four automatically lubricated sliding columns, which assure constant alignment between matrix and punch, even after maintenance or changeover.

Format changeovers can be carried out by operators quickly and easily, thanks to the sliding die-tool change system on a dedicated trolley.

Lubrication of the kinetic systems and of the ram where the die-tool is installed, as well as sheet lubrication, is centralized and automated.

Attainable speed from 10,000 to 150,000 cps/hour

  • Horizontal press suitable for fast format changeovers
  • Double sheet feeding detection system
  • Automatic sheet lubrication with microsprayer inside the roller connected to a pressurised oil tank
  • Feeding system with automatic pneumatic pliers
  • Sheet feeding driven by high precision linear motors with accuracy up to 0.02 mm
  • Mechanical pre-centring system
  • Electronic centring system with print notch reading
  • Max. sheet size 1000x1200mm
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